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Nature’s best secrets now come labeled as Mayon’s.
And this is our mission, not an empty promise!

Mayon’s reveals what Nature best conceals – the best of beauty and health secrets! So, there is a natural solution for your skin, hair, and overall health now. For there is at least one Mayon’s product that heals a father’s fatigue, mother’s weakness, child’s nervousness, grown-up’s anxiety, and an elderly’s health declivity! Mayon’s has complete natural solutions for the complete family! So, consult your trusted medical practitioner now, obtain the prescribed product, and get started with the scientific, personalized and safest treatment available there is – the trademark called Mayon’s!

Health Care


Veterinary Products

Alfamin-Vet Animal Health Tonic

Diet & Nutrition

Bio Malt Nutritive Tonic

Indigestion / Laxative

Dizest – M Acidity, Indigestion