Mayon’s EvesCare Products – For the Woman of Substance!

Picturing one displeased woman is as unbearable as imagining our world without women. If come true, the latter would be the end of the world, of course. But the former could very well be the beginning of that end! And we cannot let that happen, can we?

While there are bigger societal issues that cause discontentment amongst women, a woman’s simple and private aspirations and desires – for these wishes make her little world, hold her-self together – can deeply trouble her if they remain unfulfilled. Mayon’s EvesCare range has been developed to realize such personal ambitions and dreams of women.

Keeping in mind a woman’s modern spirit, Mayon’s EvesCare has four significant products to offer:

  1. Mayon’s EvesCare Wash: For better vaginal health
  2. Mayon’s EvesCare Vaginal Tightening Gel: For toning vagina, leading to greater sexual pleasure
  3. Mayon’s EvesCare Hygiene Gel: A lubricating gel for greater comfort during sexual intercourse
  4. Mayon’s B.D. Toner: For toning breasts’ muscles and improving their shape.

These four products are for those women who want to break free – the women we call “the women of substance”! For all the women who want to spread her wings! And as oppressed women cannot make a happy world, Mayon’s EvesCare range calls to the free spirit in every woman! Mayon’s EvesCare range salutes the free spirit in every woman!

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